alicia keys & jim carrey (dumb & dumber)As you’ve probably seen by now, Alicia Keys recently unveiled a new, shorter hair style. At least for a minute she did.

The award winning singer revealed her new look this past Friday when she appeared on the “Good Morning America” Concert Series stage, sporting a super short pixie cut. However, she did give advance warning by saying back in December that she planned to cut her even shorter. Well she did and now we see the result.

Well Alicia is clearly feeling her new do, but are you? Some folks on Twitter and Facebook have been having a good ol’ time going in on Keys’ bowl shaped cut — comparing the Grammy Award-winner to Mr. Spock from “Star Trek,” “Mo from “The Three Stooges.” But the worst has got to be TMZ‘s comparison of her cut to Jim Carey’s in the stooppid funny film “Dumb and Dumber.”

Maybe Alicia got the message ’cause, as the Huffington Post pointed out, she tweeted another pic showing her hair in a different style and praising its “versatility.” She also added “love and light to u!” Hmm, is that a message to some body?

alicia keys hair tweet