bowlegged lou (screenshot)*Hey ya’ll, this is Bowlegged Lou of Full Force.

Today, Sept 27, is the birthdate of my great friend up in Heaven, Don Cornelius. He would’ve of been 76 today.

Today we celebrate Don’s birthday with memories of the man & what he meant to the WORLD. Today we also celebrate his birthday with the first book written about Don Cornelius & his Soul Train legacy since his death too. The book is entitled “Love, Peace & Soul” written by Ericka Blount Danois for BackBeat Books. (For the media, Ericka & I are available for in-person interviews, phoners, etc. Hit me back via:

Today, we’re also gonna celebrate Don Cornelius’s birthday with an after-work party in NY at The Inkwellat/Studio XXL at 59 West 21st between 5th & 6th avenue from 5pm to 11pm.(If u get there before 6:30pm,you get in FREE !!)  Ericka will also be there signing & selling her great book & since I am in the book & I am a contributor, I will be signing her book too whether she likes it or not. HaHa. I will also be the special Bowlegged host of the shindig party today too. (Also my boy Boogie Black will be co-hosting too) We gonna have a Soul Train Line rockin’ in Don’s memory too. (Shoutout & thanks to Kevin “Sugar Daddy Woodley, Shawnique Hill & Mickey Dread).

don corneliusI’m proud to say that Don was a close friend of mine & I’m not just saying that. From 1985 or 86 when we made our first Full Force  appearance on Soul Train, I have never ever missed calling him personally to wish him a Happy Birthday. Today is no different as I called in to Heaven to have our annual birthday chat. Besides the birthdays, me & Don spoke regularly through all the ups & the middles & even the downs. I always checked on him as I never needed an occasion to get in touch. He always appreciated that too.

Check out this special video below that me & my Full Force guys along with filmmaker Xanda Tonge made special for Don & you’ll see what I’m talkin’ about. You’ll also get the true history & essence of just who Don was and the legacy he blazed. (Plus. in this video you’ll see how Full Force got Don to dance while we sang impromptu when he interviewed us on the Soul Train stage.)