image003-4*Justin Bieber is one of the many pop stars desperate to shed his tween pop image and transition into adult heartthrob.

His latest attempt comes from “Lolly,” which is the new single from R&B singer Maejor Ali that features rap verses from Bieber and Juicy J.

While the single dropped earlier this year, the video debuted this past Tuesday. The song is a club dance track that has an accompanying dance called “The Lolly Dance.”

It didn’t take long for the “Beliebers” to jump on the bandwagon and make the dance a new online trend.

Choice tweet: “Dear twerking, you’ll be missed but it’s all about the #lollydance

Bieber’s rapping on the song was…well read for yourself.

“I’m all fancy yeah I’m popping Pellegrino / I’m in the El Camino when I pull up on the scen-o.”

Note: Molly (MDNA, or Ecstasy, for those not in the know) pops up in the song more than once, continuing the trend of glorifying the club drug that’s been a literal music festival killer (more than once).

You will also notice word “Lolly” rhymes with molly.

Juicy J’s spits the lyrics “Molly make her lose them underwear,” while he also makes a reference to running a train, as Bieber and Ali dance alongside him

Watch the video below and let us know what you think: