jay z on real time*Not only are hip hop artists and aspiring industry moguls studying Jay Z‘s work these days, now school children are being lectured on the success of the life and rhymes of the rap icon.

Apparently they have added some more urban culture to the curriculum at Desoto Central Middle School in Mississippi and have their sixth graders studying one of the most successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in the nation.

The students spent three days learning about Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and tested on their knowledge of his “resilience.”

If you’re surprised or even shocked to learn that youngsters are being taught values lessons using Jay Z as an example in a conservative state like Mississippi, then you shouldn’t be surprised that some Christian, conservative parents are freaking out, reports Todd Starnes at Fox News.

“One of the songs listed on the paper that was brought home was ‘Big Pimpin’,” a concerned parent, who wants to remain anonymous, said. “Another song talked about thug life. My child was getting an education about thug life.”

The parent  was blown away by the fact that her child was being asked to study and learn songs that degrade women while glorifying thug life.

“When he pulled out the paper in his backpack in the car, I called my husband right then,” she told me. “I was furious. We talked about it until late that night. My husband was about to blow his top.”

She was unmoved by the school official who tried to throw in the fact that Jay owns a professional sports team to validate his significance in the student’s course work.

“I asked him what that had to do with anything,” the anonymous parent said. “Let’s talk about somebody that is a success that has done good things – not thug life things.”

Using the school’s logic, Starnes wrote, the mom wondered why the school doesn’t assign lessons on Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt.

“Either way, it’s all the same,” she said.

She said the same school official told her that no matter who they assigned the kids to learn about – that person would have something negative in their past.

“We are conservative,” she said. “We are Christian. And this was brought into my house. That’s why I was so furious. It was a moral issue.”