Carry On Baggage*Griffin Scott Press announced that Cynthia Bailey -Thomas’s and Peter Thomas‘s urban memoir will be released in late September.

The book follows the couple’s journey through dating, marriage, financial struggles and triumphs and their blended family of six children.

Bailey-Thomas shares, “Peter and I did not write a book to give other couples relationship advice. Our story is biographical and we hope it will serve as an inspiration to other couples finding love in the second half of their lives.”

In the book readers will learn everything about the couple’s story including everything from their first date to their ability to successfully manage six children and five co-parents.

“Carry-on Baggage, Our Nonstop Flight” will inspire, provoke and make the reader laugh out loud, says the book’s promotional material.

Cynthia’s Perspective
“Despite his allure, there were some contradictions in Peter’s personality that occasionally threw me. Like the time I had to take an incoming call during one of our conversations and told him I’d call him back. When I did, a female answered his phone and said, ‘Peter’s eating right now.’ Really? This man who’d called me daily and asked me every personal question short of when I had my last period was playing me like he was King Henry VIII. Now, all of a sudden, he was too occupied to bring his black ass to the phone? Wow!”

Peter’s Perspective
“…I typically daydreamed on my commute anyway, but that day I couldn’t take my eyes off the black beauty plastered in that print ad. It was one of those crazy kind of ads that no matter how I turned or repositioned, her eyes followed me. It freaked me out! Before I got off that train, I had to glance back one last time at those alluring eyes that had stalked me the entire time. I could still see hints of that young lamb from Nell’s, who’d shown me no real interest the first night we met. Now, years later, here she was standing in a sultry pose, smoking a cigarette and staring me down. All I could think was, ‘Oh! Okay, now honey wanna sweat me.’”