debbie allen*Debbie Allen isn’t your typical dancer.

Over a career that spans more than three decades, she has choreographed and provided dance routines for some of the best and brightest stars in entertainment.

Ms. Allen is also multi-talented, directing television shows that include Shonda Rhime’s Grey’s Anatomy and she will also be at the helm of prime time’s newest smash drama series, also written by Rhimes, “Scandal.”

Allen’s current project has her traveling to Australia along with a group of young talented dancers and singers (think Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club with a sophisticated twist) called “The Kidz Krewe.” In the kangaroo continent, Allen and company will put on the production of a lifetime for local dance and music enthusiasts. “Freeze Frame,” Allen explains, is a poignant dance narrative that addresses some of the inner-city’s most prominent issues through the medium of dance and song.

“Freeze Frame means to stop the action,” she further described during an interview with EUR’s Lee Bailey. ” It’s a metaphor for what needs to happen; that the world needs to stop and take a look at this picture and do something to make it better.”

Allen continued, “I started writing this when I first came to Los Angeles. I realized the power of musical theater and theater arts; and how we could connect the world and make people stop and listen and unite the world. When I travel, it’s been an incredible journey to witness how much we are alike more so than we are different. “There’s such  positive energy to this show.”

The proud wife and mother of two says that her group of talented tots likens unto the United Nations, including participants from as far as East Asia.

“It’s a nice little mixture,” she gushed. “They’re between the ages of 9 and 13 years old. They’re white and there black and they’re Chinese. It’s a universal group. they represent the entire world.”

“The show is really important, she added.  “It’s fun, its funny, its dynamic; and the kids dance their butts off. We’re going to make a go of it; as long as the earth is spinning we’re going to do it.

Allen, a classically trained dancer, says that Miley’s Cyrus’ recent “twerking” escapades have tarnished the artform, and is sending the wrong message to young girls who aspire to dance professionally.

“I tweeted recently and said “Miley [Cyrus] it’s enough, put you clothes on already, clam down,” Allen joked. “She has talent, but it seems like  all of them [modern female artists] are trying to catch up to where Beyonce is, but they need to look again because Beyonce is always a lady; she’s a firecracker, but she’s a lady. It’s a denigration to women when they go too far.”

Allen expressed further, “I’ve done shows when I’ve worn next to nothing, but it’s about how you carry yourself when you’re up there. How far do we have to go? Where is real talent? I have hundreds of young girls that i’m training and developing and they’re seeing this stuff on TV. I don’t want them thinking this is the thing to do. I want them to work on they’re signing, dancing and acting and come up with something that’s going to be positive.”

Despite the twerking phenomenon, Allen says that her Australia bound dancing students will have the foundation and her support to reach their goals and affect positive change on a global scale.

“I’ve been training kids forever and these kids come straight out of my studio,” she assured. “I’ve trained some of them since they were 4 years old. Everybody comes to my studio looking for talented kids: Disney, Nickelodeon–you name it, they’ve come. I decided to feature these kids myself for a change, do something really positive that we could put out there as a global movement; the world needs this.”

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