Zoe Saldana*Word on the street is that Zoe Saldana is the latest Hollywood star to tie the knot.

E! News reported that Zoe was seen on Monday leaving a nightclub in London with a shiny new piece of jewelry on her left hand. She tried to hide the possible wedding ring but a photog got a few shots of it.

There were pics of her posted online rocking what looks like a huge engagement ring and a gold wedding ring. Her beau Marco also appeared to be wearing a gold band on his left ring finger in the picture.

The couple made the first appearance in May of this year during their trip to Capri. This was after Zoe’s relationship with Bradley Copper ended for good last year.

Zoe was previously engaged to Keith Britton, whom she had been with for about 11 years before he popped the question.

So far there’s been no comment from Zoe about the speculation that she’s now married.