don lemon (radio)*The Tom Joyner Morning Show has made some changes.

Namely Kevin Frazier‘s entertainment reports are out and Don Lemon‘s commentary is in.

Lemon debuted this (Tuesday) morning with a ear catching piece on who are America’s new black leaders.

No, they’re not activists, entrepreneurs, community mobilizers or preachers. Lemon says … the new black leaders are the Waka Flocka’s, Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s of the world!

Hmm, things could get real interesting on the newly revamped TJMS with Lemon and his point of view around. He insisted that the burden of leadership in the community has shifted.

“Why am I so sure about that? I want you to ask yourself the last time you heard a young person walking around singing a church hymn?”

You can expect to hear commentary like the above every Tuesday and Thursday. You can read and hear his full commentary HERE.

Meanwhile, Lemon took to Twitter to Announce his new gig:

don lemon (tjms tweet)