michael k williams (screenshot)*Many say that Michael K. Williams and everything about HBO‘s “Boardwalk Empire is “The Truth.”

Celebs like John Singleton, Pooch Hall, Niecy Nash, Omar Dorsey, Omari Hardwick, etc. from Diddy’s red carpet sneak peak of season four of “BE,”  all agreed.

EURweb associate LaCora Stephens was there to talk to cast members Margot Bingham, Erick LaRay Harvey and of course, Michael K. Williams. They all agreed that the show is sexy, filled with swag and a slice of American history.

“It’s a slice of American history.  It’s swagger, it’s culture, it’s the birth of the American Gangster.  This season we see the birth of The Harlem Renaissance. From shimmy dresses, music, the dancing, it’s a beautiful time,” Williams elaborated.

Williams’ character, Chalky White, seemed to be everyone’s favorite from the show, but that didn’t stop the talk about new cast member Jeffrey Wright. His name seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The magnitude of his talent is going to bring in great things. If you haven’t seen this show you should watch for all the obvious listed reasons: actors, stories, costumes, music, hair, make-up and sexiness.

And as Margot Bingham simply stated, “If you’re not watching this show…you should be.” LaCora, agrees and advises you to look up the jail scene between Chalky White & Dunn Purnsley played by Williams and brilliant actor Erick LaRay Harvey. Once you see this scene, you’ll be hooked! Kudos to P. Diddy for throwing such a wonderful event!

Boardwalk Empire’s season 4 opener is tonight at 9pm on HBO

For more info visit: www.boardwalkempire.com or www.hbo.com/boardwalk-empire

Check out LaCora and the guests on the red carpet: