robert griffin 3rd*It can’t be argued that Robert Griffin III’s freshman year was, simply, one of the most exciting rookie years ever.

Coming off that superhuman, Heisman-winning year at Baylor, RG III’s first season delivered acres of hope to a long-suffering, passionate fanbase in Washington – and boy, did he ever live up to the hype.

Griffin was simply astonishing in his first year, using his remarkable speed and fantastic passing touch to bring the Redskins to a stunning playoff berth, before a blown-out ACL in a playoff matchup against the Seahawks brought his year to a shocking end.

Griffin is supposedly healthy and recovered coming into the 2013 season, but we can’t shake the feeling of foreboding that comes along with his return. We don’t really like the way him and the veteran Redskins coach Mike Shanahan seem to be at odds (despite the denials) and it’s very hard for us to trust Shanahan after the messy way the last season ended. It seemed like the entire country – except for Shanahan – could see that RGIII wasn’t right when he took that field in D.C. Yet, Shanahan kept running him out there until his leg was shredded. It was ugly.

Griffin III didn’t play in the preseason (a wise choice), so we won’t see if the quarterback is really recovered until the Redskins open Sept. 9 against the Eagles. We’ll be holding our breath through the entirety of that game – and all the Washington games to come. We hope that the Redskins’ staff will act with caution and with speed this time; Griffin III is simply too exciting of a player and too charismatic of a figure to be lost to injury once again. Let’s cross our fingers and our toes for his good health.