michelle obamaAhead of his address to the nation tonight about a military strike against Syria, President Obama knows he’s got a heap of convincin’ to do. And that would also include First Lady Michelle Obama. He revealed as much in a series of interviews on Monday.

“You know, if you talk to my own family members, or Michelle’s, you know, they’re very wary and suspicious of any action,” Obama told PBS.

“If you ask Michelle, “Do we want to be involved in another war?” The answer is no,” he also said in another interview with NBC.

The president made the comments in interviews with six major television networks in which he acknowledged the lack of public support for a missile strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad as punishment for Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

The first lady has not spoken out publicly on the situation in Syria. And after noting her opposition to military intervention in the NBC interview, Obama continued:

“I recognize how important that debate is and it’s my belief that for me, the president, to act without consensus in a situation where there’s not a direct, imminent threat to the homeland or our interests around the world, that that’s not the kind of precedent I want to set.”

Obama was expected to make the case for military intervention in Syria during the interviews, but instead he revealed that he’s considering a softer approach to the conflict. And with Syria now admitting it has chemical weapons and has agreed to get rid of them, who knows what he may say in his address this evening.

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