keenen and daphne wayans*Sometimes it takes a big change, like divorce, for a couple to recognize the importance of the other individual. Daphne Wayans, who is the ex-wife of Keenen Iory Wayans and former co-star of “Hollywood Exes,” tells Sister 2 Sister that they’ve got a phenomenal relationship.

“We have so much appreciation for each other,” she said.

The two were married for four years, but have been co-parenting for more than 10.

“I was going through so much pain in the divorce, and I just kept that picture in my mind that it had to be better,” she said. “There’s so much more openness, and I think we just have a mutual regard for each other. I never leave Keenen feeling any kind of bad way. Whenever I think he’s not in a good way or is confused about something I stop everything and go, ‘Okay, let’s talk about this.’ I very much want him to know that we’re still on the same team.”

Sweet, but it can’t be easy when either of them get’s a new beau.

She insists, however, that new comers must understand that they’ve got a friendship and their going to be there, especially because they do love and raise their children together.

Keenen currently has a girlfriend.