forever 21-1a*Umm, what’s wrong with this picture?

The retailer that targets teens and young adults, Forever 21, has got itself in a bit of a PR pickle.

The clothing company recently came up with a line of “Compton” t-shirts that are controversial to say the least.

Actually, the t-shirts may never see the light of day at this point … at least legally, because the reaction to the announcement was swift to say the least.

Sparks began to fly Thursday after “Forever 21” tweeted, “New arrivals… straight outta Compton.” The tweet was accompanied by the above photo of white models wearing the shirts emblazoned with logos that read, “Ice Cube,” “City Of Compton” and “N.W.A.: The World’s Most Dangerous Group.”

Like we said, the response was so swift, the tweet was quickly taken down. And some accused the company of cultural appropriation.

And speaking of cultural appropriation, a young lady named Patti LaHelle posted a very insightful and reasoned video response to the issue; she questioned the clothing design and promotion methods:

BTW, if you think you can still buy the items, nope, you’re wrong. Forever 21 has also removed the shirts from its retail website as well.

Here’s a sampling of some Twitter reactions to the shirts:

forever 21 tweetsBut wait! Some folks pointed out that there are no Forever 21 stores in Compton!
forever 21 tweets1