Craig Ross Jr and Caryn Ward Ross*”NCIS” director Craig Ross Jr. and “The Game” actress Caryn Ward Ross have successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign and will release the digital creation, “The Affair.”

“The Affair” surpassed its goal of $15,000 before the August 23, 2013 deadline. According to, the married couple’s success was aided by the a live “Google Hangout” event hosted by CINEMATIQ Magazine and The Red Letter Agency for “Indie Night” at Hollywood hot-spot, Xen Lounge.

Craig Ross Jr. intends to push boundaries of the independent film world by shooting the entire film on the iPhone 5 and only using natural light. This will mark the first smart phone feature film shot with the sole use of existing light that can be projected onto a movie theater screen without loss of quality.

Most directors would never take such a risk, but Craig feels confident in his expertise and has already released a teaser using the same techniques that will be used in “The Affair.”

The new Hollywood power couple will be making their rounds doing press and interviews to talk about their vision and the future of digital filmmaking. They will also continue their fundraising efforts on their website,

In addition to “NCIS,” Craig Ross Jr. has directed episodes of “Bones“, Prison Break”, and “Cold Case.” His film “Blue Hill Avenue” is considered to be a hip-hop cult classic.  Caryn Ward Ross is best known for her portrayal as Erica on BET’s “The Game” and starring in the romantic comedy, “He’s Mine Not Yours.”

Filming for “The Affair” is set to begin in September, and the entire process from pre-production through completion will be documented on