geo & shellie zimmerman*On Monday, Trayvon’s Martin’s executioner, George Zimmerman, hauled off and smashed his estranged wife’s father in the nose in a dispute over who had the right to be in the house.

Here’s a clue (although it may or may not be helpful): Shellie Zimmerman’s father is the owner and George is the renter.

Sources close to the Zman say he and Shellie have been renting the home from her parents, but ever since she filed for divorce she and George have been avoiding each other like the plague — scheduling house visits ahead of time to keep the peace, so says a TMZ report.

Must’ve been a snafu in scheduling — because we’re told George showed up Monday AM to remove some things, and ran into Shellie and her dad.

We’re told the argument erupted when Pops declared it was his house, and George replied that he was paying rent … and had every right to be there. The spat ended when Zimmerman allegedly punched Shellie’s dad in the face.

Complicating matters was the fact George brought his new girlfriend with him. We’re told she was waiting in his car while he went inside, and didn’t get out until police arrived.

At the end of Shellie’s 911 call you can hear her say, “There’s a woman in there. Oh my god.”

As for the identity of George’s gf — we’re told she appears to be someone new … NOT George’s ex-fiancée, despite what reports are saying.

And of course, as we get more info we’ll pass it along.