harmony samuels (screenshot2)*Tamar Braxton and Ariana Grande battle it out for the #1 spot on the charts.

Many don’t know the secret behind this young song bird often compared to Mariah Carey, but Harmony Samuels recognized pure talent from the start.

The song, “The Way” was actually intended for Jordan Sparks, but “her people” passed on it. One man’s trash is another singer’s number one single! Harmony Samuels knew that the song would be a hit and so did Ariana, so with tears in her eyes, she requested the song from Harmony and he kindly obliged. This was the beginning for her.

Now her album Yours Truly has peaked at number one on over 30 iTunes charts across the globe. That makes two number one albums for the record producer Harmony Samuel.

First there was Fantasia’s “Side Effects of You” which went number one and now Ariana’s. When EURweb associate LaCora Stephens interviewed the music phenom, he said:

“She’s a mastermind, she masterminded ‘The Way. She knew what she wanted it to look like, that she wanted Mac Miller on the record…it impresses me to see such a young lady know what she’s doing. She has the ability to transform into a butterfly just like Mariah Carey.”

Harmony also spoke on co-writing a song entitled “Almost Isn’t Enough” which he describes as “soulful on pop music” for the new movie Immortal Instruments.  The song features Ariana Grande and Nathan from the group The Wanted. Harmony is a musical phenom that is bringing real music back.

Watch as Harmony gives LaCora  the full story:

Watch Ariana Grande’s smash hit (90 million YouTube views and counting), “The Way” (with Mac Miller):