jimmy-kimmel-twerk-video*Recently a video went viral of a young girl who’s twerking appeared to lead to her catching on fire.

In the YouTube clip, the girl is seen dancing around her living room doing suggestive moves and then falls. She lands on top of a coffee table with several lit candles and jumps up screaming with flames going down her leg.

The video titled, “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches on Fire,” got more than 9 millions hits in a one week span and had news stations and media outlets reporting on it. Even us.

Well, it turns out Jimmy Kimmel was behind the video and it was all just a hoax. He admitted on his show Monday night that the entire video was staged. Daphne Avalon, the woman in the twerk video who also works as a stuntwoman, joined him on his show as they both surprised audience members and viewers with their reveal.

On the show they re-aired the video and included an additional scene where Kimmel comes in and extinguishes the fire before smirking at the camera.

Avalon laughed with Kimmel as he said: “So there ya go. For the conspiracy theorists on the Internet who thought it was fake, you were right, it was fake – we made it up.”