pharrell williams (screenshot)*Pharrell Williams has made his mark on the music industry not only as an artist but producer and collaborator on past and present hits like “Blurred Lines,” Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it like it’s Hot.”

The Grammy winning music producer-song writer-recording artist sat down with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie to talk about the path to getting to top of the Top 40.

“I can write pretty much anywhere, but in the shower it’s, like, where it’s, like, really great,” Williams told Guthrie of where he’s come up with some of his best work, including “Hot in Herre” Nelly’s super-successful 1992 hit.

But before working with big artists like Nelly, Justin Timberlake and Ludacris, he was just a kid growing up in Virginia Beach, playing the drums and going to band camp.

“Most of us were kinda nerdy,” Williams said. “Nobody sort of walked in, like, you know, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl-cool.”

Williams met his producing partner Chad Hugo during camp at the age of 12 and by 19 the duo had helped write and produce the 1992 Wreckx-N-Effect hit song, “Rump Shaker.”

When asked now, Williams will tell you without hesitation what is the best song he’s ever co-written. “My son,” he told Guthrie of “Rocket,” his little boy with new fiance Helen Lasichanh. “Every night’s like a sleepover,” he said of Lasichanh, who he calls his “bestie.”

So what else does the super-successful Williams hope to accomplish? “Honestly? It’s … more music,” he said.

Besides music, Williams will appear as a mentor on Rihanna’s new fashion reality competition show “Styled to Rock” on the Style Network.

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