fulvio-bressan*If you thought the US had a lock on a-hole racists, wait’ll you read about Fulvio Bressan.

And if Italy’s first first-ever black government minister Cecile Kyenge (pictured below) thought she had dealt with racism, she really got a taste of it on August 22 when Bressan, an Italian wine maker, went in on her via his Facebook account.

Kyenge, who  assumed the post of Integration Minister in April, has been receiving a barrage of racism in recent months, but Bressan’s was way, way, way over the line.

HuffPost Italy’s Giulia Belardelli posted an English translation of Bressan’s note:

“hey, dirty Black MONKEY, I DON’T PAY TAXES to lodge your GORILLA friends at a HOTEL. Please bring them to your place, where you can feel superior with your money … Oops … That money is not even yours: it’s the money Italians give you … You’re a sh**ty black gold-digger.”

In response, many have called for a boycott of his wine including wine merchants, writers and even some fans.

British restaurateur Jacob Kennedy taped himself smashing his stock of Bressan’s wine on the sidewalk in front of his London restaurant, Bocca di Lupo and then posted it on YouTube.

You would thin that the threat of economic ruin and boycotts would make Bressan stand down, but nope, he can’t seem to help himself. Since posting about Kyenge, he’s gone on several more rancid, racially fueled tirades on his FB page.

Belardelli summarized the gist of them:

“He blames gypsies and immigrants for the Italians’ economic troubles, but he seems to be mad at everyone (starting with politicians). He is particularly aggressive towards Kyenge: he shared a combined photo of Kyenge and some people burnt to death with the sentence, ‘Look, this is what you do to Christians on your continent.’”

cecile kyenge