jade alston*Two months ago, Jade Alston wasn’t sure she’d be here to tell her story.

Today, she’s closer to completing a goal she’s had since she was young, releasing an album done just the way she wants it done.

The two moments go hand-in-hand and will forever be etched in Ms. Alston’s mind as a turning point in her life and career. Earlier in the summer Jade was rushed to the hospital and initially thought to be having a heart attack; after numerous tests were ran, it was discovered that she has a condition called Myocarditis.

Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle and naturally placed a scare into Ms. Alston, her family and friends. After receiving the proper treatment and taking time to rest, Jade pressed fast forward on her goals and eschewed the process of trying to land a record deal. Continuing with the momentum she began to gather from the release of “Missing You Lately”, she decided to take the independent route and created a Kickstarter campaign to fund her debut album.

The dream began in Philadelphia.

Growing up in a city with such rich musical history, Jade Alston’s goals were shaped by her environment as much as they were by her musical influences. Among those influences were Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker and Toni Braxton because of their rich tones and of course Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. More than the voices or the music, she learned to appreciate the work ethic and stories being shared and she’s incorporated that into her pursuit of sharing her story, a story whose narrative has been altered a bit in recent months. Like many of us, Jade felt the invincibility of 20’s until that ER visit introduced her to the reality of living for the now. Part of that now is a re-commitment to life, overcoming the fear of putting an album together and sharing with her family, friends and burgeoning fan base the music in her heart.

The dream is now a reality.

“We Will Live” is the title of the album she’s campaigning to release and in just two weeks, she reached her minimum goal of $3000, but there’s still a way to go give the album the live, acoustic feel she envisions. The Kickstarter campaign is about more than giving to an artist to make an album; those who choose to help fund Jade Alston are giving to her dream, her opportunity to be an inspiration to girls much like Anita and Beyoncé were to her. With a little over two weeks remaining, Jade is closer to adding her brand of beauty to the world. She says, “My only job in life is to be as beautiful as the world we’re part of”.  Jade Alston did not die in that hospital. She learned to live again. She returned to the stage during a performance at The Blockley in Philadelphia last weekend and though she was a bit rusty, she was alive, she was singing, she was spreading beauty.

Add to that beauty by visiting the Kickstarter page or www.JadeAlston.com for music, news and her creative endeavors with photographer sister Jasmine.

Jade Alston