Beyonce, Norman Oosterbroek, Jay Z

Beyonce, Norman Oosterbroek, Jay Z

*Whoa. Here’s a bizarre story that’s just now coming to light concerning the bodyguard to Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and other a-listers.

It happened Monday night, but is just now being reported. A naked Norman Oosterbroek was tasered by police in South Florida and died a few hours later at a local hospital, according to the Miami Herald.

At about six-foot-five and weighing roughly 280 pounds, Norman Oosterbroek wasn’t just a bodyguard to Jay Z, Lady Gaga and some of the world’s most famous celebrities. He was a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Police said that about 10:45 p.m. on Monday, Oosterbroek appeared at the back door of a neighbor’s home just down the street. Christiane Jung looked outside and saw Oosterbroek staring at her, according to police.

She screamed for her husband, Markus, who confronted Oosterbroek, police said. Oosterbroek allegedly began beating Jung with one hand while ingesting suspected narcotics with the other.

“He was highly violent, uncontrollable and obviously wasn’t stable,” said Nancy Perez, spokeswoman for Miami-Dade police, which is investigating the incident.

Perez could not say how many times Oosterbroek, 43, was struck with the stun guns, or how many officers were involved.

But, she said, it appears Pinecrest officers acted appropriately because, according to witnesses, the suspect was aggressively attacking both the homeowner and police.

With toxicology results pending, police sources say that Oosterbroek’s elevated body temperature was consistent with someone under the influence of cocaine. Also, a white powdery substance was found on his body, Perez said.

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