jay z, Norman Oosterbroek, Beyoncé

Jay z, Norman Oosterbroek, Beyoncé

*According to the New York Daily News, Jay Z and Beyoncé fired their head of security, Norman Oosterbroek, due to video and photographic evidence of him “using the family’s passports in a lewd act.”

Oosterbroek also reportedly hired a prostitute while on duty for them in Las Vegas as well as other “freaky things.”

Unfortunately Oosterbroek never had a chance to redeem as he died earlier this month after he was tasered by police in Miami for resisting arrest.

The Miami Herald reported that he broke into a neighbor’s house, while fully nude, and was caught beating the owner when the cops showed up. The police said Oosterbroek swallowed “an unknown substance” before he was tasered.

The wife of the man Oosterbroek attacked called the encounter “horrifying” and said her family “[didn’t] really know the man at all.”

The Daily News reports “a major print publication” (American Media, publisher of the “National Enquirer” and “Shape” magazine) uncovered the story of Oosterbroek’s firing last year, but then brokered a deal with Jay and Bey in exchange for burying it.

But you’re probably more than curious as to just what Norman Oosterbroek’s “lewd act” was. Well, it seems the story first appeared as a blind item back in February  in a gossip blog called “Crazy Days and Nights“:

Remember how back in the day Tiger Woods traded cover stories so that his infidelities could be hidden? Well, an A++ list celebrity has reached a similar deal and is appearing on a cover that she would have laughed at a year ago until she passed out from laughing so hard. The thing is, the parent company of the magazine was offered some information about the celebrity. Disturbing information. About a long time employee. About the employee being caught pleasuring himself to photos of our celebrity and her infant daughter. Yeah, it is pretty sick. There is video of the incident that was taken by a woman he paid to have sex with. They are both drunk in the video but he talks about how he works for the celebrity and was her very first employee and has been with her forever and the hooker went to sell the story and the publishing company loved it. Was going to buy it and reached out to the people of the celebrity and they traded. Cover stories for a block on the publication of the photos and video. The celebrity also got together with her A++ list husband and they paid the hooker a great deal of money to go away. So, in the next couple of months when you see a cover and go wtf, now you know why.

Wow, and below is the cover of American Media’s “Shape Magazine” featuring you-know-who.

beyonce (shape mag. cover)