jill scott (breakfast club- screenshot)*Jill Scott a/k/a “Jilly from Philly” was in the hot seat on the Power 105 Breakfast Club Tuesday morning.

The voluptuous singer/actress was there to be abused [ 🙂 ] by the BC crew all in name of promoting her new flick, “Baggage Claim,” opening next weekend.

Besides the film, Jill made sure to discuss a number of items including the fact that she’s also working on two albums, her upcoming collabos and fellow Philly-ite Meek Mills, who she says is all that.

“He’s been dope for a long time and I wish him luck, and success, and focus,” she said about the MMG rapper. “It’s hard to transition from being the underdog and not being noticed to being noticed everywhere.”

Among other things, Jill was also asked about her previous acting gigs such as HBO’s “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” and why the series ended after one season.

The conversation also covered her marriage/divorce and, although she didn’t go deep into the details, her beef with Anita Baker of all people.

Check it out: