johnny mo*His name is Johnny Mo and as far as a lot of people are concerned, he’s crossed the line.

You see Mr. Mo has a new gospel song out called “I Don’t See Nothing Wrong With Living For Jesus Christ.”

The problem is, as far as a lot of folks are concerned, it’s nothing more than the track of R. Kelly‘s sexually themed hit “Bump n’ Grind.” All Johnny Mo did was change the lyrics.

In other words, He “don’t see nothing wrong” with it.

“God is raising up a new standard in young people to go back into the enemy’s camp and take back what was taken front he body of Christ and put it back into the body of Christ,” Johnny Mo said in an interview.

He goes on to say that he believes he is a wretch undone and that God has presented him with this platform of music to help others

Johnny Mo says he is ready to make unsaved souls into followers of Jesus Christ.

Watch his performance below and tell us what you think