(From left) Kelly Price,  Sheryl Lee Ralph

(From left) Kelly Price, Luenell and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Celebrity Judges)

*In music, there are singers, and there are powerhouses. R&B Diva Kelly Price fits the latter category to a “T.”

When this 40-year-old New York native takes the stage, everybody listens–other singers included. However, Kelly’s road to multi-Grammy nominated success hasn’t been a stroll on the beach.

When she was a newbie in 92,’ many record label execs and big-name producers couldn’t see past her Rubenesque figure. It took a lot of scratching and clawing before Kelly was offered a record deal worth singing about.

And lately, of course, she’s been embroiled in drama on TV One’s “R&B Divas: LA” that makes her the show’s villain, threatening her hard won popularity among music fans. But for Kelly, it doesn’t matter; she’s all about helping others succeed.

Price says personal conviction inspired her to offer a helping hand to other aspiring entertainers on the plump side, singers in particular. During the recent taping of her amateur talent competition, “Too Fat For Fame,” Kelly got candid, recalling  the ups and downs of trying to make it in an industry that holds female artists to unreasonable standards of beauty. Last Wednesday, The Complex Hollywood Theatre housed a slew of  plus-size singers. actors, comedians, rappers and more.

Along with Ms. Price, the celebrity judges included Grammy Award winning artist Faith Evans, Grammy Award winningsongwriter and producer Shep Crawford, Emmy Award nominated choreographer Laurieann Gibson, comedian Luenell (Borat, Think Like a Man), actress AJ Johnson, (Baby Boy, House Party) Doreen Spicer (creator ABC Proud Family and The Wannabees), Kim Burse, musical director Black Girls Rock! and creative director for Beyonce, Drew Pokorny, pop culture expert and co-host of XM Satellite Radio show “Dirty Pop” with Lance Bass.

“My weight has been one of the most challenging things that I’ve had to deal with throughout my career,” Kelly expressed during an exclusive interview with EUR. “Even now it comes up in conversation when I’m dealing with different project. This show will level the playing field because people who are talented will have an opportunity to come in and they wont have to wonder after the audition, “Are they gonna call me back?” “Are they gonna go for the thinner less-talented person?”

She continued, “I believe there are some exceptions being made but it’s still an uphill battle. There are many artists who feel that in order to move forward in their careers they have to lose a drastic amount of weight . I’m not nearly as big as I was but I attribute that to eating healthy. I’m just not a skinny girl; and I just want to give more opportunities to people like me. It’s hard to come across someone who can look past an artist who is lager an just see them for the talent they are and have them be willing to invest what’s necessary to make them a star.”

The last entertainer standing will be awarded a cash prize as well as his or her own reality show and other winnings, Kelly divulged.

“If an actor wins it, the show will follow him on his journey to the big screen; if  it’s a singer, the show follow him on his path to getting his record made. I just want to give everyone a fair shake.”