kelly price (screenshot)*Let’s be honest, many viewers became angry with Kelly Price, after seeing the way she treated the monologue director, Fred.

While some people could see through the editing of the ‘Straight edge’ incident, most people couldn’t excuse, seeing Ms. Price yell at the innocent director, who had nothing to do with her problems with production or the ladies.

So, why was Kelly so angry with Fred?  In Part 2 of our exclusive interview, Kelly reveals that her conflict with Fred was somewhat staged to help boost the drama on the show.  According to Ms. Price, the production company had a meeting with her management and asked if she could ‘give Fred a headache,’ in order to make the show a little more exciting for viewers to watch.  She was told that the production team only brought Fred in for a few episodes in order to create controversy.  When Kelly brought her monologue idea to production, she already had a full team in place, including Torrey Russell.  So, a member of the production staff brought Fred in, just to create a little back and forth for the viewers.  Unfortunately, Fred was not told that he was only there for momentary conflict.  So, the tension that was supposed to be staged, quickly became real.

Kelly Explains How The Production Company Asked Her To Give Fred A Problem:

“The conversation was…Please just ask Kelly to go along with it, please.  We know that she’s gotta get this show done with the ladies and we know, but we mentioned this to you the other day when we had a meeting, it had been a few days before.  We had a meeting with the management and the production staff and we were saying we’re not getting enough controversy, we’re not getting enough conflict, we’re not getting enough drama.  Please just ask Kelly to go along with the Fred thing, we will phase him out in a couple of episodes and the ladies can get back to the business of making this show.  But we need for their to be conflict.  He’s our guy, so since Kelly knows that she has her own guy, let their be conflict. If she’s in disagreement with Fred being there running the rehearsal or being the director, let it show on camera. “

kelly and fredKelly Explains Realizing That Fred Was Not In On Productions Plan:

“I own everything I did.  I own everything I said.  And literally, I saw the look on his face, while all of this is going on and I’m saying to myself, ‘We’re not thinking the same thing.’ Because what I am thinking is that I’ve already been told We gonna shoot these next couple of episodes with Fred and he’s gone he’s not going to be there and he looks completely surprised at everything that is happening.  So, I’m like, he may be able to act, but he’s not acting that good! I just rolled up on this dude, this is what I’m saying to myself, I just rolled up on this dude and he don’t know what’s going on! [CNikky: Well, he was looking like he was being attacked]  He thought he was being attacked!  So, that was very real.”

Kelly On Making Amends With Fred:

“Fred’s first experience with me was me just being a temperamental, dis-respectful,  grown woman who should’ve been more professional than she was and that was his real impression because we were not being told the same thing.  So, the woman that I am, apologized to Fred.  I could do it again if I had to because it was real.  And I said to him , even in the moment I was trying to put it all together and I said ‘They set you up!’ Little did I know it was me who was being set up. In the end there was a set up it just wasn’t Fred.  But, I apologized to Fred and he accepted my apology and he said to me, ‘I believe your right.  This was a set up. “

Watch Part 2 of Our Interview Below and Stay Tuned For The Final 3 Parts, Biggest Regret, Vegas & The Monologues!