kelly price*Kelly Price is ready to address her critics and fans in Part 3 of our exclusive interview.

She has been on the receiving end of some very nasty feedback from viewers of the show and it has been hurtful.

But, the question remains…is all of this extremely hostile treatment warranted?  Was she so terrible for people to hate her and curse her name?

Whether you are for her or against her, in this installment of the Kelly Price interviews, she thanks her fans for holding her accountable for her actions.  Ms. Price also opens up about her biggest regret this season.  And, it wasn’t walking away from the Monologues….it was her treatment towards the director, Fred Thomas.  For the first time (for the world to see) Kelly apologizes to Fred on camera.

We established in the previous interview that she and Fred reconciled off camera, but this time, she wanted to give him his due in front of everyone. Lastly, she begins to address what seems to be a hot topic right now, was she ‘too booked’ to put a team in place and begin production for ‘Not Your Mama’s Monologues?’  Well…apparently the answer is NO!  Kelly reveals that she already had a team in place, including a director, choreographer, band and Musical Director.  Stay tuned for The Monologues Interview to hear the truth behind that!

Kelly Answers Both Fans and Critics:

“I do appreciate my fans. And my fans to me are not the people who came online and called me out of my name and cursed the day I was born. Those are not fans. To me those are temperamental people who got really too involved I think in television.  My fans are the people who held me accountable.  And I want to say thank you to them because holding me accountable is wait a second Kelly, this is not the Kelly that I know…and I want to go with you on this, but you look kinda crazy right now.  And after all of these years of me supporting you, please don’t tell me that this is the person that you are because I don’t want to believe that this is you, but you’ve got to say something. So, that’s the reason why I’m doing this. “

Kelly Reveals Her Biggest Regret:

“I did this, for the people who are watching.  They need to know what really happened. And from this point on, everybody has to kind of make their own decision.  But it is the truth.  It is the 100% truth.  And my biggest regret was that I agreed to do something that, wasn’t fully authentic, for the sake of, keeping production going.  And I feel like, I should’ve just kept saying no, to something I didn’t agree was right.”

Kelly Apologizes To Director Fred Thomas:

“I apologize to Fred.  I am so sorry that when we met each other, it was as icky and nasty as it was, because you’re a professional, and so am I.  I feel like had we had an opportunity to meet each other clean slate, at this point , that it could have been and would have been something wonderful.”

Watch Part 3 of our interview ‘Biggest Regret’ and tune in to TV One tonight for the R&B Divas: L.A. Reunion Part