kerry washington*Guess who People says is hotter than hot fashion wise? Kerry Washington. But duh, we didn’t really need People to tell us that.

But anyway, the “Scandal” star and face of television drama has won the hearts of Hollywood fashion critics, naming her “World’s Best Dressed Woman.” Yeah! Can you believe she scored higher than the first lady, the Kate Middleton, and pop star Beyoncé.

We have a thing or two to learn from the celeb, who always dresses in class, presents herself in grace, and is hardly caught off guard.

People asked Kerry her secret. And you’d never guess.

“I don’t wear a lot of pants,” Washington said. “When I go somewhere I want to know I’m going to be comfortable and I’m dressed for the event.”

That’s right! No booty shorts, hip hugging, apple bottom jeans. Just lady-like classy fashion.

In the days of flashy videos and the need to sell sex, some just get the wrong message. But Kerry will not be swayed by the hype.

Even in her acting roles, you won’t catch the actress looking crazy in any of those trendy hipster styles. She’s a grown woman. And you better believe it.

Check out some of Kerry’s wardrobe choices. Tell us what you think. Is she the best dressed woman in the world?

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