Miley Cirus might turn to “Escorting”
All the Becky’s gotta do is show a teaspoon of booty and the brothas go wild. Now Money Team Leader Floyd Mayweather has his eye on Miley Cirus, the small booty’d, so-called Twerk Queen.

Mayweather allegedly said Miley is in line to join the Money Team for his next fight. “I was thinking about letting the twerk queen, Miley Cyrus, bring me out,” Mayweather said. “Why not? We’ve got to call her the twerk queen; yes, we have to call her that.” Mayweather, several seats. Thanks.                       

miley cyrus (tongue)A TOXIC Game for Brandon Jennings
Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings got bust in the mouth by Hate it or Love it rapper, “Game.”  There was a day party over the weekend at popular venue Toxic where a fight went down between the NBA star and rapper/reality TV celebrity, Game.  According to various sources, the two men got into an argument over who could use the deejay’s microphone.  Jennings was there celebrating his birthday, and since game frequents the spot he feels like its damn near his.  Game felt like Brandon was disrespecting him by hogging the mic, so he took matters into his own hands … literally. After trying to talk it out to no avail, Game hauled off and bust Brandon in the mouth,” according to the source. Security initially just broke up the fight, but eventually shut the party down because ninjas don’t know how to behave in public and got to scrapp’in again.

the game & brandon jenningsG Dep, STOP Ly’in
In 2010 Trevell Coleman, aka former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep confessed to a 17-year-old armed robbery, that unbeknownst to him, had resulted in a murder.  When asked if he would have turned himself in had he known the man died, G Dep claimed, yes. I personally admire him, but don’t believe him. It’s understandable to want to clear your conscience, but with fame, fortune, and a family… 15 years to life just isn’t what’s up.  See the interview below and judge for yourself:


Tiny Tonight!
Tiny and the girls are back with a new season of VH1′s Tiny Tonight! Trina, Claudia Jordan, and Tami Roman, (who all appear to be dedicated to wearing wigs and weaves daily) had the audacity to dispense hair care advice to the audience. Um, yeah. How about get your scalp game together before you try to tell anybody how to care for their hair?

tiny tonight hosts

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