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You Got Knocked the F*ck Out!
How two armed gunmen wound up on the losing end of an attempted robbery gone wild(ly) wrong is a mystery to me, but they got fcuked the fcuk up! Yo and his mans tried to rob students at the University of Virginia and got their asses handed to them. According to NBC29 in Virginia, Jonny Calderon, 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, approached a group of students and demanded cash.

Somehow the students flipped the switch on the “robbers” and fcuked them up, in that order! Calderon received two black eyes and bruises and Allen’s eye was swollen shut. The students held the “robbers” until the po-po rolled up.

After being given the green light from a hospital staff, dude and dude were charged with attempted robbery, pointing a firearm and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.robbers get beat upDid Nicki “Do” Rhianna?
Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have both hinted that they’ve “kissed a girl” before but shit just got REAL. According to MediaTakeout, Nicki and Rihanna HOOKED UP after a Pre-VMA party at New York’s Stage 48. Allegedly after a few bottles of booze both ladies LEFT THE PARTY together and spent the night together at Rihanna’s room at the Gansvoort. Did they actually do “the pu$$y?” Stay tuned …

rihanna & nickiCasting 50 Shade(s)  …
Attention S&M/BDSM’ers! The wait is over! Though Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson aren’t exactly the images we see when we imagine Christian and Anastasia of 50 shades of Grey fame, they’ve been cast as the leads. Neither of them seem darkly sexy in current form, but the magic of makeup will have them both heating up the screen (and our loins) as we sit passively in the movie theater on or about August 1, 2014.el jamesT.I.P. Tiny and TROUBLE
I’m not sure who started the volcanic hot ass mess but T.I. and Tiny need to get it together. Stop posting all of your business on twitter in codes and isht. All relationships go through problems and like Natalie Cole said way back when … “WHATEVER it is, you should try to stay together.”

Anywho … STOP tweeting and start communication. I wanted to go in, but y’all look so cute together in happier times J

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