lil mo *Fresh off of her first stint on reality TV, singer Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving, Jr.), dishes to media partner on all things R&B Divas LA.

Argued as one of the break-out stars of the TV One show, Lil Mo speaks candidly about what her relationship is like with Kelly Price (post production), addresses speculation about singer Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality, spin-off rumors and her two cents on Keyshia Cole apologizing to Michelle Williams.

Check out a few excerpts below:

If she’s ever heard rumors questioning Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality:

“Well that’s crazy. I didn’t even know there were reports … and I’ve never heard anything about his sexuality. Truth be told, people say Usher’s gay, people say Justin Bieber’s gay, people try to say ; they say everybody’s gay. So I don’t know. I’ve never seen him with a man, I’ve never seen him- like I’ve never seen that.”

If there have been any meetings or discussion about her getting a spin-off:

“So we’ll see, but I do want a spin-off, I got to just see if I’m contractually allowed to do that but you know that’s something that my lawyer and ThinkFactory Media should discuss. It can be fun, like a talk show or something like that, I like all these shows that are coming out like having entertainers on it, co-hosting stuff. I would love to have a Wendy’s show because I love her energy.”

How she feels about Keyshia Cole apologizing to her friend, Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child):

     “That’s a great stride. I don’t know if there was a management or personal decision but that’s how you keep it moving.”

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