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Brand Strategist: Monica Cost

I ain’t your trick. I ain’t your hoe. I ain’t your freak. Don’t work no pole.” Yup, that’s where we are folks. In a place where young women are having to adamantly state their position, for it is no longer a given. Because many young women of today accept any kind of approach and treatment from men, a distinguishment must be made between who will accept it and who will not.

The words above are from up and coming superstar BriaMarie’s current single, Bye Boy. With her cleaner style of music and encouraging messages, she is changing the music game for her generation. Despite the overwhelming popularity of mainstream songs, that are in heavy radio rotation, that continue to disrespect and degrade young women, BriaMarie is opting for a kind of music that promotes an alternative, and what some might consider a more healthy approach.

I was recently introduced to BriaMarie by co-founder of Ethical Music Entertainment, Grammy nominated and award-winning producer, Carvin Haggins. BriaMarie’s current single on Ethical Music Entertainment’s label, Bye Boy is a new anthem for young women wishing to dispel the notion that all women want to be handled loosely (no judgment). “BriaMarie is different,” says Haggins. “One of the first things she said to me was that she wanted a career that meant something, both in her message and in her presentation. In an industry where artists are forfeiting the title of role model, BriaMarie is heading towards it. She embodies what Ethical Music Entertainment stands for.” continues Haggins.

I had the opportunity to catch up with the Maryland native, adopted Philly Girl, and Temple University student last week. I have to say that while I don’t know her well, she certainly comes across as a young woman of purpose and substance. She spoke about being committed to offering her generation of women an alternative to what is being played on the radio currently, learning the business and production side of music, and giving back to her community. In addition to her message to young women of respecting and valuing oneself, she is also displaying the execution on the desires of her heart. It’s one thing to hope and dream, it’s another to take action, and BriaMarie is making it happen.



She was introduced to the music business at an early age by her father, who was a drummer in a band. At the tender age of 14, she began singing background vocals for his band. In 2011, after recording a demo, the young talent took to social media to “stalk” Carvin Haggins, one of her favorite producers. Much to her surprise he responded and as they say, “the rest is history”. Noticing BriaMarie’s talent and hunger to make a difference, Ethical Music Entertainment signed the young artist.

True to my mission of assisting those who desire it, in living a more authentic life, I asked BrieMarie how she maintains her authenticity in an industry that promotes putting up facades. To that Bria said, “I experienced a lot of peer pressure growing up and I definitely had cool crowd issues where I was always trying to fit in. What ultimately helped me and keeps me grounded today is my relationship with God, along with the amazing support team that I have around me.”

BriaMarie wants her music to impact generations of young women around the globe and to promote a healthier approach to self respect, and how young men and women relate to one another. I believe she’ll do it.

To the men that will try to take her off message, hate on her style of music, insist on treating her without respect and/or utilize material possessions to capture her heart, BriaMarie says. . . BYE BOY!

You can find BriaMarie and her MTV featured video “Bye Boy” at

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