Macklemore*Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on Chelsea Handler’s E! late-night show last week for a sit-down interview.

During their chat, the rapper and producer talked about the VMAs, gay rumors, the inspiration for the song “Same Love,” meeting through MySpace, and rehab.

Macklemore had just come off a successful night at MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday; where he won two Moon Men and performed. Although he received much praise for his win and performance for his hit single “Same Love,” he ran into some unexpected backlash on Twitter.

Openly gay rapper and producer Le1f blasted Macklemore on Twitter for ripping off his song “Wut.” He says Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” sounds dangerously familiar to his song. Le1f also called the rapper out for profiting off the plight of gays with the song “Same Love.”

Le1f questioned Macklemore’s motives asking, “do proceeds go to any gay people? the HRC? Aids foundation? Or does this straight white man keep the money?” Later he tweeted, “News just in: gay people don’t care about your video about gay people.”

The tweets were deleted but thanks to the faithful screen shot ability, the internet got a hold of it. In other posts Le1f does allude to discovering that Macklemore did, in fact, donate to gay-rights organizations.

Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Chelsea: