harmony samuels (screenshot)*Many know all the superstars that Quincy Jones has made legends, but do we know who he has passed his legacy to?

During an exclusive interview with rising British producer and self taught musician Harmony Samuels, EURweb associate LaCora Stephens learned that his mission is more than music, it’s to share love with everyone and create change in the world using music.  Sounds a lot like Quincy.

Comparing his story to Timberland, he feels that he is an underdog. He shared stories of proving himself by creating “hits” for Keisha Cole and Kelly Roland as Timberland has had to fight to be successful.  Harmony compared the two because their stories relate: Timberland was in a basement; no one cared or thought his music was worthy, he was also involved in a situation that was detrimental to his career but he came out on top.

Harmony has produced for Chris Brown, Fantasia, Maroon 5, Mary J. Blidge, Brandy, Kelly Roland, Ariana Grande, and many more, but he was just assigned to work on The Best Man. He informed LaCora that he is creating a remix to an original song in the first movie for a funeral scene.  Who will be “offed” in the sequel?

So how does this the music “phenom” have such an exquisite and extensive resume at such a young age? Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins literally found him, by what he described as “a thumping that awoke something inside of him”. Harmony says, “While one (producer) was telling me I was whack, another was telling me it’s time for you to be great.” He says there is so much more to the story with a spiritual element, but Rodney Jerkins is the reason he is here.

Harmony went on to say his company BOEglobal.com is the Jerry Maguire of the industry. He states, “We have an industry to help.  How you help it, is to create great music and superstars that will have great influence. Then you go into different avenues like t.v. and film and it starts to spread like wildfire. Before you know you have a new era of artists that are singing songs that will change your life!”