Michael Ealy as android cop DRN (Dorian) in Fox's "Almost Human"

Michael Ealy as android cop DRN (Dorian) in Fox’s “Almost Human”

*Michael Ealy plays an android LAPD cop on the upcoming Fox drama “Almost Human,” which takes place 35 years into the future when human officers are paired with high-functioning, life-like, combat-trained robots to battle crime.

But not all humans on the force are happy with the android policy.

Ealy plays Dorian, the android partner of human John Kennex (Karl Urban), an officer who lost his leg on the job — and one of the officers fighting against the android policy. He gets paired with Dorian, who had been decommissioned for being too human-like, or “one of the crazy ones” as Kennex says.

Karl Urban, Michael Ealy in Fox's "Almost Human"

Karl Urban, Michael Ealy in Fox’s “Almost Human”

Viewers will soon discover that Dorian is actually far more human than his human partner. Ealy says nailing the subtle human and synthetic qualities of his character has been quite the challenge.

“You tend to draw on your human instincts and your background, what you’ve gone through as an individual,” Ealy told us at the recent TCA Summer Press Tour. “And the hardest things in terms of playing Dorian is to act like I don’t have that and to bring that kind of innocence to him that he doesn’t have the experience, the life experience that Karl’s character, John Kennex, has. He doesn’t have that. So he’s fascinated with that, and he observes it, and he learns from it.

“I hate to simplify it but I tend to try and reduce Dorian sometimes to make him somewhat childlike in that he’s just innocent in terms of observing what’s going on around him. It’s interesting to play someone who’s constantly trying to grasp something that he’ll never have.”

Below, Ealy explains how playing Dorian has made him more observant of people in real life.

“Almost Human” debuts Monday, Nov. 4, on Fox. Watch a featurette on Ealy’s character Dorian below.