michelle williams*During her interview with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, Michelle Williams says she realizes she can’t please everybody and “live in this utopia that doesn’t exist.”

“Maybe I need to have a little more animal in me,” Williams said.

She took time to discuss her new single “If We Had Your Eyes,” but was also asked about the Twitter comments Keyshia Cole made about her performance during Beyonce’s (and Destiny’s Child’s) Super Bowl halftime show in February.

keyshia cole (michelle williams tweets)While reluctant to discuss Cole’s insult, Williams did says she always look for resolve in all conflicts in her life.

“I don’t like indifference. I like to get to understandings, I’ll say that,” she said. “Just with anything, I like to get clarity. ‘If I offended you, I’m sorry.’ Or just, ‘Hey, what happened?’ I want to have those moments with anybody that feels a certain way.”

Williams has said during a radio interview that she hopes to talk with Cole in person about her comments. So we shall see if they come to a resolution.