libell duran (miss new jersey)*With her newly reported marriage to Marco Perego, role in the number one grossing movie of all time Avatar and the upcoming role in the Nina Simone Biopic, A-list actress Zoe Saldana‘s life, fans and support is growing day by day.

The Afro-Latina actress of the Dominican Republic has chalked up a new admirer in fellow Dominican, Miss New Jersey USA, Libell Duran. The 22 year old beauty queen told celebrity interview journalist Chris Yandek of and Eurweb contributor that she looks up to Zoe.

Yandek interviewed Ms. Saldana back in 2011. Though Zoe is an inspiration for her, Libell says her biggest inspiration is her older sister who was born with spina bifida. She wants to create foundations in the USA and Dominican Republic because of her:

“I look up to my sister. I have an older sister. Her name is Ivette. She is 27 years old and has spina bifida. … I look up to her just because she has showed me that you can never take anything in life for granted and always be happy for everything that you have. … I would love to achieve that goal one day, you know, and right now I am working with different organizations, Leap Foundation and also Spina Bifida Association in Maryland. So I am working with kids. I just love working with kids and I just want them to have a voice. You know, they are normal, they could do a lot things just like my sister.”

The reigning Miss New Jersey gives up her crown next month, but she wants people to know people from the Garden State do not fit the Jersey Shore TV show stereotype:

“They should know that we are not like the Jersey Shore. We do not go tanning every single day. We are simple people. We work hard. We’re positive and we’re just great people to be around.”

You can find more of Chris Yandek’s interview with Miss New Jersey USA Libell Duran at CYInterview.
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