Model Naomi Campbell attends 'The Face' Season 2 Pop-Up Fashion Show' at Bryant Park in New York. (September 11, 2013)

Model Naomi Campbell attends ‘The Face’ Season 2 Pop-Up Fashion Show’ at Bryant Park in New York (September 11, 2013)

*Naomi Campbell has come a long way.

There was a time when the British supermodel may have beaten a journalist senseless with her bedazzled phone for asking a question that dared to stray from a pre-approved list of topics.

But when a reporter from Britain’s Radio Times magazine sat down with her recently and tried to ask about her ex-boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, Campbell simply ended the interview and walked out.

“Before I get half the question out of my mouth, she cuts me short by holding out her hand like a policewoman stopping traffic,” writes journalist Kirsty Lang. “The two PR men sitting in the corner jump up and start to usher me out… My audience is over.”