omarosa manigault*Looks like Omarosa Manigualt may be moving on from the death of her fiancée Michael Clarke Duncan with a new love interest.

Omarosa has been mourning Michael for months and now she may be going public with a new man in her life. After recently being spotted with WWE star Titus O’Neil (pictured below), word began to spread that the two may be an item.

People magazine reports that Omarosa and Titus met through their mutual friend Jawn Murray, at a WWE Superstars of Hope party in Beverly Hills last month.

It seems that Titus really makes her happy, but she’s been reluctant about going public with her new relationship for a good reason.

“She’s been really apprehensive about dating since Michael died,” a source tells People magazine. “But everyone who loves her has been encouraging her to step out and try it again. So far, things seem to be going good. They seem really happy together.”

titus o'neil