david e. talbert & paula patton*The romantic comedy “Baggage Claim” follows the story of the lovely ‘Montana Moore’ who’s been raised on the notion that you’re not “a lady” until you find a man of your own, and after a few turn of events, she sets off on a world wind adventure to find Mr. Right … instead of Mr. Right Now

According to author, playwright and director David E. Talbert, when it came to bringing his main character from his novel “Baggage Claim”  – his favorite character that he’s ever created no less – from the pages to the big screen there was only one woman that could fill those shoes … and that was ‘it girl’ actress Paula Patton.

Talbert says this film was 10 years in the making – and five years after the book released he found his girl…

With Paula Patton secured – Talbert went about the task of bringing all the other characters who are so boldly written in the novel to life.

“Baggage Claim,” which boasts the sexiest cast in Hollywood, stars Paula Patton, Derek Luke, Jennifer Lewis, Jill Scott, Boris Kodjoe and more – as you can see is full of enough eye candy, love and laughs for both guys and girls alike to want to jump on board!  Baggage Claim takes flight September 27.