paula patton*During press rounds for the upcoming – highly anticipated film “Baggage Claim” – one journalist made the mistake of likening writer/director David E. Talbertand his casting choices to that of another successful black filmmaker and playwright, Tyler Perry saying, “I think you need to thank Tyler Perry because 90% of your cast pops up in Tyler’s work all the time and you managed to get them all hired in between doing something for him.”

While “Baggage Claim” boasts an essentially all-black cast, with the exception of the uber talented actor Adam Brody – star Paula Pattondidn’t mince words when she set the record straight about meshing all black filmmakers into one category.

“He didn’t get dressed as a woman so that helped him separate himself!  No disrespect I’m just saying let’s let David E. Talbert be David E. Talbert all by himself.  I have much respect for Tyler Perry … much respect…”

Listen to the entire quote here:

Baggage Claim starring Paula Patton, Derek Luke, Jill Scott and more hits theaters September 27.