500 firms $5MM gross five-years
Second Thursday
September 12, 2013
6:00 -8:00 PM
Co-Host: K5 LaunchROC Center – Newport Beach

4590 MacArthur
Suite 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Robert Flynn


Aggregage is building the next generation of B2B media, leveraging content aggregation, social signal curation and big data personalization.  In the process we build a huge audience that we monetize by delivering highly targeted B2B audiences to marketers.  Trade media is ripe for this kind of disruption, especially as trade magazines continue to become irrelevant.  This opportunity stretches across all business verticals that represent over $10 billion in advertising.
Prior to being the CEO and Co-Founder of Aggregage, Robert Flynn was CEO and Co-Founder of Modern Feed & Supply, Inc. (now Clicker), whose online guide, to professionally-created broadband video content,www.clicker.com, is positioned to become a leader in enabling the navigation for consumers of the huge amount of television-like video content available legally on the Internet.  In March 2011, Clicker was purchased by CBS Interactive.  Before this he was the CEO of Zetools, Inc., a pioneering software company providing enterprise class solutions for the formatting, management and distribution of IP video across all IP-based platforms through one-button publishing.  Zetools merged with Tandberg Television/Ericcson.


Jay Coonan, M.D.
Founder/Executive Vice President
OvaGene Oncology
OvaGene Oncology was founded three-years ago with the vision of helping women suffering from gynecologic cancers by providing sophisticated molecular testing that helps physicians in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection for these horrific cancers. With $4M of funding we have established a fully CLIA and CAP certified Clinical Laboratory and have five (5) tests currently being offered to physicians to help in their patient care. We have a focused regional sales strategy in Florida and the West Coast and have seen our sales triple in the past quarter, now averaging about 90 tests per month.
Refreshments will be served.
CMT Integration, Inc.
Sapphire Insurance Solutions
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