president obama & little girl*Five-year-old Alanah Poullard missed school one day last week for a very good reason: she was with President Barack Obama.

Poullard paid a visit to the White House last week for an event for wounded service members with her father.

When the kindergartner met the president in the East Room she requested a note to show her teacher. While the president wrote down a few words on a note for Poullard, white house photographer snapped the shot and tweeted the image.

You may recall Obama writing a similar note for Minnesota fifth-grader Tyler Sullivan, who attended a campaign speech last June.

The president also wrote a note to excuse the absence of 10-year-old Kennedy Corpus in 2009, when she missed the last day of school to attend a town hall event featuring the president in Green Bay, Wis.

On a piece of paper, he said: “To Kennedy’s teacher: Please excuse Kennedy’s absence. She’s with me. Barack Obama.”

No doubt seeing the president’s signature is quite a surprise for those elementary school teachers. And if they didn’t believe the note, the phlto above says it all.