k. michelle*Well that was short-lived …

After trying to make peace, K. Michelle is back on Twitter stirring the pot on beef between herself and Tamar.

The singer took to her account and posted accusations that Tamar inflated her own album sales for “Love & War.”

A week ago K. Michelle bought Tamar’s album as a gesture of good will, but now she’s back to firing shots at Tamar once again.

The motivation behind K. Michelle’s accusations may have stemmed from Tamar’s comments during her interview with “The Breakfast Club” where she called K a bully.

“Hmmmmmm. I’m really just trying to stay positive and live my life. I bought the album 2supprt her and everything. I don’t get it. But I’m the bulley,” K.Michelle tweeted. “You keep throwing rocks at me and then u run and hide behind Vince’s man boobs! U not above getting checked shady boots!”

K.Michelle proceeded that Tamar may have gotten a little help earning such high album sales, to which Tamar responds,

“Don’t worry about my album sales, worry about finding ur original face! My sales are REAL, nothing political ALL HARD WORK,” “Humble yourself! You bout [sic] SEVERAL of those albums. I sold over a 100,000 albums 2, just 4 days after u. SHE is not winning like SHE thinks.”

Tamar concluded with a piece of advice, writing, “Now stop coming for me. There’s enough room for everybody! Just shut up and sing!Leave me alone! Damn.”

Good point Tamar, but you might want to do the same. Just sayin’.