chief keef*It looks like Chicago rapper and chief knucklehead, Chief Keef, is about to arrested on sight and hauled  off to jail.

What’s happening is, according to TMZ, the 17-year-old deadbeat blew off a child support hearing, and as we all know, that’s a stupid move

We broke the story … Keef was ordered to appear in court  on September 5 to explain why he hasn’t forked over more than $20k in child support payments to his baby mama.

Problem is … Keef no-showed — so the judge issued an order for his arrest, which means if cops see his ass, they can drag him right to the slammer and hold him until he pays roughly 1/5th of his child support debt.

They way he walks around with and gladly shows off wads of money when he’s public proves he3 has the cash. Or at least that’s the assumption. So it’s unclear why he’s refusing to pay up.