lamar and joe odom*OK, what the crap is going on as far the latest chapter of the Lamar Odom story is concerned?

After supposedly sending a tweet to his pops, Joe Odom, that basically trashed him for trashing the Kardashians, sources directly affiliated with the troubled baller are now saying that Lamar did not send the tweet after all

Here is what TMZ is reporting:

Lamar supposedly responded to his dad, who had blasted the Kardashians for causing all of Lamar’s problems, including drug addiction.

Sources who have first-hand knowledge of Lamar’s actions tell us … he did NOT send the tweet.  In fact, they say he has no Internet where he’s staying and he wants it that way. Lamar, we’re told, is unbelievably paranoid about anyone knowing his whereabouts by tapping his phone. He has a 15-second rule in the house — no one can be on his phone for longer than that. 

What’s more … when anyone comes to the house, Lamar has someone confiscate their phone at the door.

Short story … we’re told Lamar doesn’t even know about the comments his dad made — and the tweet Lamar supposedly wrote in response is bogus.

Dang, at this point all we can say is huh? What?