Samuel L Jackson*Samuel L. Jackson is an actor best known for playing roles that involve a lot of cussing or being the bad guy and who some parents may blame for their children’s bad behavior.

Well in a new sketch for, Jackson seems to be making light of his reputation, with his character out running errands while random people come up to him and blame their child’s faults and shortcoming on him.

The first woman blames him for getting her daughter suspended from school for quoting one of his movies.

Another woman faults the legendary actor for helping her son go to prison because her son saw him in “Shawshank Redemption” which is interesting because as far as we know, he wasn’t in that film. 🙂 Oh well. However, you can believe the actor gets  some get back when he does what he does best–cusses them out!

Watch the hilarious-ness below: