Obama*After Republicans complained about a photo of President Obama with his foot on the desk in the Oval Office, Rev. Al Sharpton took the liberty to mock them on his MSNBC show “Politics Nation.”

Sharpton says the complaints from Republicans stem from an eagerness to find fault in everything the president does.

“This weekend the White House posted a photo showing President Obama with his foot on the desk in the Oval Office,” he said on the air on Tuesday. “Drudge Report picked it up, and the far right’s outrage machine went into overdrive. Teaparty.org tweeted, ‘Does seeing President Obama’s foot on the Oval Office desk make your blood boil?’

“What a scandal,” Sharpton said. “What an outrage. Who would dare do something like that? President Bush, that’s who. He propped his feet on that very same desk. Where was the outrage back then? President Ford did it too. Check it out. It looks comfortable. Ford also used to sit on his desk. President Reagan even used his desk as a snack tray. Oh, the scandal! Folks, the right wing’s hypocrisy is clear, and so is their real agenda.”

Watch the video here: