Kerry washington stars in 'Scandal'*ABC executive producer David Zabel stated that he hoped viewers could accept characters engaging in an extramarital affair from his show “Betrayel” as they have with Shonda Rhimes’ show “Scandal.”

“It’s a challenge. They’ve overcome it on ‘Scandal.’ They’ve overcome it very well, I understand,” Zabel told BuzzSugar.

Interestingly in an interview with TVLine, Shonda responded to Zabel’s statement and said that “Scandal” in no way condones adultery.

“I don’t feel like we’re making adultery acceptable. We weren’t setting out to make adultery OK. To me it’s not about adultery or not adultery. We’re telling the story of these two characters who very specifically have this kind of relationship […] we tell all sides,” Shonda said.

“So while there are times when you’re like, ‘Fitz and Liv are wonderful and I want them to be together,’ there are also times you think, ‘Fitz is scum and he shouldn’t be cheating on his wife.’ And there are times you think, ‘Olivia should go off and find herself somebody who’s single,’ ” she continued.

She feels that the debate surrounding the morality of Fitz and Olivia’s choices is what fuels the show.

“I like the fact that everybody feels this big debate. That’s fantastic, because that’s the point. We’re not giving a judgement on it one way or the other.”

The 43-year-old producer closed by letting viewers know that they’re in for quite a ride, as season three promises many twists and turns.

“When we come into the season, Mellie does have things managed on the marital front. But I think Fitz and Liv have an inexplicable attraction to one another. People may be surprised to discover what certain motives are in the situations they’ve been working in.”

“We always end an episode in one place and by the time you reach 20 minutes into another, we’re in a completely different place”

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