drake*With Drake spending over $30,000 on stylists who he flies around the country, the mounting bills have finally caught up to him.

Drake’s former stylist has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that as of December 2012, the rapper owes him $76,490.


The amount includes consulting services, hotel bills, plane tickets, and endless shopping expenses.

The stylist, Michael Raphael, claims he was hired in August 2012 and was paid $39,583 a month for consulting services. Raphael’s duties included styling, clothing and graphic design for Drake’s company OVO, brand direction, photography, etc.

However, in the lawsuit, Raphael claims extra expenses from shopping at Nike, Diesel, American Rag and other boutiques for Drake were not included in that monthly rate and neither were the travel expenses.

The stylist reportedly has receipts to show just how much he spent including one Nike receipt for $1,162, one for Diesel was $1,483 and $714 at American Rag among others.

Although Raphael does credit Drake for paying his bills from August to November last year, December is the month he claims he never received payment. During that month Raphael says he spent nearly $40,000 on shopping and other expenses for Drake on top of his monthly salary for a total of $76,490.

Raphael is now suing Drake for the full amount.